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2023’s Ultimate Guide To The Best Valerian Root Cat Toys


a cat playing with valerian root cat toy 2023's Ultimate Guide to the Best Valerian Root Cat Toys

Cats’ life is incomplete without toys since they give them the mental and physical stimulation they need. Valerian root toys are one kind of cat toy that has grown in popularity recently. It appears that cats are drawn to the scent of valerian root, a herb that has been widely used for millennia for its sedative and relaxing effects on people.

This article will serve as 2023’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Valerian Root Cat Toys. If you are a cat owner looking for valerian root cat toy ideas, look no further. But before we suggest the best cat toys for your cat, let’s talk about valerian root and valerian root toys.

Valerian Root Toys

Toys designed to have the scent of valerian root, which can make cats feel euphoric, are known as valerian root toys. Usually, the toys are infused with valerian root extract or stuffed with dried valerian root. Cats are not only delighted when they play with these toys, but they also feel content and at ease.

There is debate about the usage of valerian root in cat toys. Some claim that valerian root’s potent smell can be overbearing and unpleasant to humans. Cats, on the other hand, find the aroma to be quite alluring and can spend hours amusing themselves with it. It’s crucial to remember that not all cats respond to valerian root toys in the same way, and some may not even show any interest at all.

Benefits of Valerian Root for Cats

The biggest benefit of valerian root toys is that they can assist cats in reducing stress and anxiety. Many cats get nervous in particular situations, including when they go to the vet or when it thunders. Owners can assist their cats relax and handle these stressful situations by giving them a toy having valerian root.

Valerian root toys have relaxing properties, but they also get cats moving and having fun. Because cats are innate hunters, playing with toys that simulate the scent of prey could stimulate these natural instincts. Cats who play with valerian root toys can let off steam and avoid getting bored.

The usage of valerian root cat toys should be kept moderate. It is advised to rotate the toys and add new ones from time to time because the aroma of valerian root can lose its potency over time. Furthermore, some cats may act out when playing with toys made from valerian root, so it’s necessary to watch their behavior and provide them with the proper supervision.

5 Best Valerian Root Cat Toys

Below are the 5 best valerian root cat toys that your cat is going to love.

Petlinks HappyNip Lemur Lights Electronic Light Cat Toy, Contains Silvervine & Catnip, Battery Powered – Black/White, One Size

HappyNip lemur lights electronic cat toy by Petlinks is a battery-powered toy that is going to entertain your kitty for hours. A pouch filled with catnip and silvervine is present inside that attracts cats and has a positive psychotic effect. You can replace that with a dried valerian root pouch according to your cat’s preference.

The flashing eyes of the toy lemur invite cats for playtime and the crinkling sound produced adds to the curiosity of the cat. As mentioned above, valerian root taps the hunting instincts of cats thus motivating them for physical activity.

Lemur Lights Electronic cat toy by Petlinks with silvervine and catnip

Petlinks Fresh Catch Refillable Plush Cat Toy with Catnip Tube – Tan, One Size

Fresh catch refillable plush toy has been designed to fulfill the hunting instincts of cats. The multi-texture material gives the feeling of real prey, satisfying the hunting instincts. The toy contains a refillable tube that is filled with catnip. You can replace catnip with valerian root if your cat shows better response to valerian root.

Valerian root gives physical and mental stimulation, ensuring an exciting playtime session. Another important feature of this toy is the safety that it offers. It has no cords, or sharp pieces that can hurt your kitty. In short, it is safe and durable.

Cosmic OurPets 100-Percent North American Catnip Filled Chili Cat Toy-Hot Stuff (Interactive Cat Toy, Catnip Toys for Cats, Cat Chew Toy, Catnip Toys)

Cosmic Chilli cat toy is a simple toy filled with catnip that is going to drive your cat crazy. The aroma of catnip provides mental and physical stimulation and ensures a blasting playtime. Physical activity keeps your cat fit and adds years to life. Mental stimulation improves the quality of life. You can replace catnip with valerian root because some cats respond to valerian root better.

No matter whether you use catnip or valerian root, one thing is sure, it keeps stress, anxiety, and boredom away from your cat.

SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Electronic Sound Cat Toy, Contains Catnip, Battery Powered – Light Brown, One Size

SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp toy is a battery-powered toy that produces a chirping sound, rousing your cat’s natural instincts. Following its natural instincts, your cat will chase, batter, and swat the chick toy thus getting the physical activity it needs.

The catnip or valerian root pouch in the toy provides an exciting stimulus followed by a period of relaxation. The material of the toy is soft and safe for cats and promotes hunting instincts.

smartyKat chickadee chirp electronic sound cat toy

Furhaven 2-Pack Cat Toys w/ 2X Catnip Bags for Indoor Cats, Washable & Durable w/Refillable Catnip Pocket – Plush Sea Slug Cat Toy Set – Blue/Tie Dye, Set of 2

If you have multiple cats at home and want them to have an exciting playtime, you should get these cat toys from Furhaven. They contain catnip bags that can be refilled or replaced by valerian root or silver vine as per your cat’s preference. The soft material of the toys is loved by cats and is durable enough to withstand the battering of excited cats.

Apart from the pouch having psychoactive compounds, the lining of the toy’s body produces a crinkling sound that attracts cats. They are easy to clean and you can simply wash them when needed.

Furhaven cat toy with catnip bag that can be replaced with valerian root


Valerian root is a popular psychoactive agent that has been used for a long time. Now, it has been incorporated into cat toys and the results are amazing. Cats love it and some show excitedness while others may feel relaxed. This article will serve as 2023’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Valerian Root Cat Toys because it talks about valerian root, its benefits, and a selection of the best valerian root toys for cats.

a cat playing with valerian root cat toy 2023's Ultimate Guide to the Best Valerian Root Cat Toys

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