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Homemade Cat Toys Your Kitty Will Love


homemade cat toys your kitty will love

If you’re a cat owner, you must know how important entertainment is for your cat’s mental and physical health. Toys play an important role in keeping cats entertained and if you can make some homemade cat toys your kitty will love, there’s nothing better than that.

Cats love playing with toys. A good toy would keep your cat occupied for hours even when you’re away. This helps keep your kitty’s mental health sound; away from stress, anxiety, and destructive behavior. A bored cat may show destructive behavior i.e. scratching your furniture or biting shoes etc.

When playing with toys, your cat fulfills its exercise and physical activity requirements. Toys also provide mental stimulation to cats which is essential for the health and happiness of your cat.  

Benefits of Homemade Cat Toys

Among different types of toys, homemade cat toys are the best gift you can give to your cat. These toys bring a lot of benefits over conventional toys available online or in pet accessories shops.


Buying toys for your cat can be expensive and exhausting especially if your pet chews and destroys toys. The biggest advantage of making homemade cat toys is that these toys are very cost-effective. The saved money may not seem significant but in the long run, homemade toys save you a lot of money.

Moreover, these toys are as good and entertaining as the toys you can buy.

Recycle materials

One of the biggest advantages of making homemade cat toys is that these toys are eco-friendly. You can use useless materials for making homemade cat toys your kitty will love. These materials would end up in the trash anyway, so why not make something lovely!

Useless materials like old socks, cardboard boxes, etc. can help you make homemade cat toys your kitty will love. In short, the possibilities are endless as long as you are a bit creative and have some time.

Your Token of Love

Pets notice everything, especially cats notice, and appreciate every effort you make for them. Homemade cat toys are a perfect way to tell your cat how much they mean to you and how much you care about them.

Homemade cat toys can serve as the perfect token of love for your cat. These toys will keep your love and memories around your cat even when you’re away. 

Safe for your cat

Different cats have different personalities and consequently different needs. This is evident during their playtime as well. Some cats are very gentle with their toys while some try to bite everything. The toy may break and hurt your cat. You wouldn’t want to give hard, breakable toys to a cat that’s aggressive with toys.

No one understands your cat more than you do. You know what’s best for your cat. Your knowledge and bonding can help you craft the best toy for your cat that is safe and entertaining. Being safe and entertaining are primary features of a toy for being good for your cat. 

homemade cat toy

5 homemade cat toys your kitty will love

To help you craft the best homemade toys for your kitty, we list 5 easy-to-make toys.

Sock Toy

When it comes to homemade cat toys your kitty will love, sock toys are surely among the most popular ones. Sock toys are the easiest to make and require just a sock and some paper.

Losing one of the socks is fairly common and the other one is obviously destined for a trash can. Well, now you can make use of that loner sock and make an entertaining toy out of it for your kitty. Grab a piece of paper, roll it, put it in the sock, and just tie it an inch from the open end. It’s better to use paper that produces a cracking sound when compressed.

The sock will have the appearance of fish and obviously, your cat is going to love it! You can add catnip in the sock to keep your cat occupied for a longer time.

Feather Cat Toy

Instead of throwing your old clothes and paper away, you can now convert them into homemade cat toys your kitty will love. All you need is scissors, clothes, and some creativity.

Cut cloth in the shape of feathers and attach a string at one end. You can attach a small bell with a feather to make it more entertaining.

Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet paper rolls can be found in the trash of every house because toilet papers are a basic necessity. But not many people know how useful toilet paper rolls can be when it comes to making homemade cat toys.

Next time, instead of throwing your toilet paper rolls away, cut the roll into smaller rings. Glue these rings together to give them the formation of a ball and hand it over to your cat. You’d be pleasantly surprised to see the interest and excitement of your kitty. One addition you can make to this toy is that you can put a treat inside these rolls and use it as a puzzle toy. This will motivate your cat to rattle the roll and bring mental stimulation.

Cork Cat Toy

One of the homemade cat toys your kitty will love is a cork cat toy. This cat toy is as simple and easy to make as it sounds. Get a cork, drill a hole in it, and pass yarn through it. Tie both ends of the yarn so it doesn’t slip out. Hand it over to your cat and watch it roll around for hours. You can also attach cloth feathers with the yarn to make it more interesting.

Cardboard Box Castle

Cats love cardboard boxes and what’s better than a cardboard box castle for your cat? Get cardboard boxes, cut some holes in them, and stack them on top of each other. In this way, you can create a fun castle for your kitty.

kids playing with homemade cat toy


Homemade cat toys are a cost-effective and fun way to show your love to your cat. These toys are as good as the toys sold online and in stores. They provide mental stimulation to cats and can make their playtime more fun and entertaining. Apart from being cost-effective, these toys are eco-friendly and help recycle waste materials.  

So, now that you know how to make some, are you ready to make homemade cat toys your kitty will love!!

homemade cat toys your kitty will love

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