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How To Make Catnip Toys For Your Feline Friends? 3 Popular Catnip Toys


how to make catnip toys for your feline friends?

Catnip toys are one of the best gifts you can give to your kitty. These toys have proven to be very effective in reducing anxiety and even relieving pain. If you are a cat owner, you should know how to make catnip toys for your feline friends.

Catnip toys are very easy to make, and they will not only help you save money but also serve as a token of your affection for your cat. In this article, we will teach you how to make some cool catnip toys for your feline friends. But before that, let’s know what catnip actually is and what are the potential benefits of catnip for cats.

cat with interactive cat toys

Benefits of catnip toys and Treats for Cats

Cats go crazy for catnip toys and treats because catnip contains a chemical compound, nepetalactone, that triggers a pleasant neurological response in their brain. After smelling catnip, some cats rub against and roll around the toys. Some cats show darting and pouncing behavior and may start batting at toys. In short, most feline friends become more playful and responsive, and that’s exactly what we want, right?

Catnip has calming effects on cats, and it suppresses the feeling of stress and anxiety. A relaxed cat is more likely to engage in playful activities. This will help you strengthen your bond with your kitty friend. A lesser-known advantage of inducing playful behavior in cats is that they get mental stimulation that consequently promotes sound mental health. Sound mental health of your cat is necessary for the overall health and happiness of the cat.

Another benefit of catnip is that it is a natural insect repellent. So, apart from saving your cat from boredom, stress, and anxiety, catnip also saves your kitty from insects like mosquitos, flies, etc.

Catnip toys and treats are safe for cats as long as they’re provided in moderation.

Popular Catnip Toy Types and How To Make Catnip Toys For Your Feline Friends?

Before we teach you how to make catnip toys for your feline friends, let’s take a look at some common catnip toy types.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are the simplest of all catnip toys for cats. These are made by filling soft fabric with catnip. To make these toys more attractive and appealing to your cat, you can shape the fabric in different shapes that your cat may like. Popular shapes include fish, mice, balls, etc.

Cats love to play with stuffed toys. These toys are soft and comforting for them, promoting a playful mood and eliminating anxiety. These are very cheap to make and can be easily replaced when fabric wears out.

A sock toy is one of the most common examples of stuffed catnip toys. You can make a stuffed sock toy by simply stuffing one of your socks with paper or fabric. Add some catnip in it to make it appealing for your cat. A catnip-filled sock toy will keep your cat entertained for hours, even when you are away.

Cats interact with stuffed toys and show pouncing and batting behavior. This provides not only mental stimulation but also fulfills the physical activity requirements of your cat. If your cat tries to chew on the stuffed toy, it promotes healthy teeth and gums, thus minimizing the chances of any periodontal diseases.

Petlinks HappyNip Crinkle Chameleon Cat Toy, Contains Silvervine & Catnip – Green, One Size

HappyNip Crinkle Chameleon cat toy is a popular stuffed toy for cats with catnip. It has different material textures that give a feeling of real prey to your cat. It promotes your cat’s hunting instinct, making it more playful and active. Catnip in Crinkle Charmeleon cat toy makes it very appealing to cats. Gifting a Chameleon toy to your cat will help you improve your cat’s mental and physical health.

Petlinks HappyNip Crinkle chameleon cat toy is a stuffed toy having catnip and silvervine it in. It has attractive colors that keep cats entertained.

It has been tested for safety. It contains no small parts or cords that may injure your cat. The catnip in the toy is longlasting, but it can’t be refilled once finished.

Scratching Pads

Cats used to live in wild. Even after thousands of years of domestication, they have retained some of their natural behaviors. One such behavior is scratching. Cats love scratching, and it has several benefits as well.

You can make scratching pads at home to get the maximum out of cats’ inclination towards scratching behavior. These are easy to make; all you need is cardboard or a similar material. To make them attractive for your cat, coat them with catnip.

Apart from promoting playtime, scratching pads help your cat keep its claws and muscles in shape. These pads promote stretching and offer an opportunity for exercise.

When it comes to the benefits of scratching pads for the mental health of cats, they are proven stress relievers. As mentioned above, scratching is a natural behavior, and cats feel satisfied after satisfaction because of the released pheromones. Catnip coating on the scratching pad adds to your cat’s satisfaction and makes it more attractive for your feline friend.

A lesser-known benefit of providing a designated scratching post to your cat is that you save your furniture and other household items from your cat. Because scratching is a natural behavior, your cat will do it anyway. So, why not provide catnip coated scratching pad and tell your cat how much you love your feline friend?  

SmartyKat Sisal Angle Cat Scratch Ramp, Includes Catnip – Natural, One Size, Tan

Sisal angle cat scratch ramp has a strong and stable wooden structure with a perfect angle for your cat to scratch. The texture of the ramp makes it free from the danger of slipping. The ramp has organic catnip that is enticing for cats. This is a perfect scratching pad that’d fulfill the scratching needs of your cat. This will, in turn, keep your cat’s claws and muscles sharp and healthy.

SmartyKat Sisal Angle cat scratch ramp contains catnip. It is a perfect gift for cats because they love scratching.

When buying a Sisal angle cat scratch ramp, make sure you buy the appropriate size for your cat.

Interactive Catnip Toys

Interactive cat toys are designed to encourage your cat’s involvement in playtime with you. These toys help you strengthen your bond with your feline friend. Adding catnip to interactive cat toys increases your cats’ excitement and interest in playtime manifold. Interactive catnip toys keep your cat engaged for a long time and provide mental stimulation.

You can easily make interactive catnip toys at home and make your playtime with your kitty more fun. Add a bell to the stuffed catnip sock toy, and it’ll grab your cat’s attention. Your cat will roll it around due to the sound of the bell out of curiosity.

You can make a catnip dispensing toy from a plastic bottle. Use scissors to cut small holes in the bottle and fill it with catnip. A small amount of catnip will be released from the bottle every time your cat plays with it. This will keep your cat motivated to play and interact with the toy.

After playing with interactive toys, your cat would be physically and mentally tired and less likely to show behavioral problems. These toys also provide an excellent opportunity to socialize your feline friend with other pets.

Ontel Flippity Fish Interactive Cat Toy with Catnip & Fishing Pole – Touch Activated, Rechargeable Pet Toy to Help Reduce Stress & Bad Behavior – As Seen on TV

Flippity Fish interactive cat toy is an amazing catnip-containing rechargeable toy that imitates the movements of an actual fish. It flips and flops, giving your cat the feeling of a natural fish. Cats get excited after seeing this toy and spend hours chasing and pouncing upon them. You can leave your pets with interactive cat toys without worrying about their mental health.

Flippity fish cat toy is an interactive toy in the shape of a fish that flips, flops and keeps your cat engaged and entertained.

It is durable enough to withstand the batting of an excited cat and has a long-lasting battery. As this toy requires recharging, you should check compatibility before purchasing.

Safety Precautions Regarding Catnip Toys

Although the chances of your pet getting injured from homemade cat toys are low, accidents can still happen any day, anywhere. You should supervise your cat’s playtime and ensure it doesn’t hurt itself.

If a toy is worn out or damaged, discard it. Damaged toys are more likely to cause accidents; your cat may ingest catnip excessively, resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.


Catnip toys are a great way to provide fun and exercise to your cat. Cats love catnip because the chemical compounds in catnip have a positive neurological impact on their brain. These toys are proven to promote playful behavior and reduce stress and anxiety. So catnip toys promote not only the physical but also the mental well-being of cats.

You can make catnip toys for your cat at home with some creativity. Popular examples include stuffed toys, catnip-coated scratching pads, interactive catnip toys, etc. Now that you know how to make catnip toys for your feline friends, we hope this will help you strengthen your bond with your cat.

how to make catnip toys for your feline friends?

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