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The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Bonding With Your Pet


The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Bonding With Your Pet

One cannot enjoy the perks of cat ownership fully without forming a strong bond of love and trust with his/her cat. If you are a cat owner, you ought to forge a bond with your cat to take better care of it and obtain the best out of pet parenthood. Toys are very helpful in strengthening this bond. Being a cat owner, you should know about the best interactive cat toys for bonding with your pet.

Not all toys are equally effective at bringing you and your cat closer. So, we are going to help you choose the best toys by sharing 5 of the best interactive cat toys for bonding with your pet. Before that, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a strong bond with your cat.

importance of bonding with your cat

Having a strong bond with your cat has countless benefits for you and your cat. A stronger bond of affection and trust between pets and their parents brings joy and fulfillment that results in better mental and physical health for both.

Reduced stress

Just like humans, cats can suffer from stress and anxiety. These issues can aggravate and manifest themselves as mental problems if left unchecked. The best way to prevent these in the first place is by providing love and attention. Having a strong bond with your cat allows you to make it feel safe and mentally relaxed. This, in turn, prevents stress and anxiety and improves overall mental health.

Better Health Of Your Cat

When your cat is comfortable with you, it expresses its natural instincts during playtime and other interactions. These physical interactions are good for keeping your cat in ideal shape. They prevent obesity, improve cardiovascular health, and keep muscles and bones active and strong. The physical and mental stimulation brought by these interactions has a positive influence on the physical and mental health of your cat.

Moreover, having a strong bond with your cat helps you understand the needs of your cat better and thus better care for your kitty.

Better Health Of The Owner

A lesser-known aspect of regular playtime and sharing a bond of love with pets is that it has a positive influence on the health of the owner. It has been proven in research that pet owners who engage in playtime and interact with their pets have a lower chance of suffering from hypertension and cardiac problems.

The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Bonding With Your Pet

Following are some of the best interactive cat toys for bonding with your pet.

ZippyClaws Bird ZippyStick – Interactive Cat Toy Wand for Indoor Cats & Kittens, Cute Kitty Toys for Boredom, Fun Teaser Stick with Feathered Tassles & Plush Dangling Toy

ZippyClaws bird zippy stick is a simple and very cheap toy that can be very helpful in strengthening your bond with your pet cat. It has a small bamboo stick that contains attractive pompons, and tassel. It has a detachable plush toy that can be filled with catnip to make it enticing for your cat.

Simply hold this wand and interact with your cat. Your cat will jump around chasing the pompons. The materials of this toy are non-toxic and the stick is eco-friendly.

interactive cat toy wand for indoor cats

SmartyKat Instincts 3-Pack HappyNip Safari Sneakers Plush Interactive Cat Toys, Contains Catnip & Silvervine – Multicolor, 3-Pack

Cats love rat toys. They are always ready to chase, swat and kick these toys, expressing their natural instincts. Safari sneakers plush toys have realistic rat designs with felt ears and cord legs. The plush body is for to touch and durable enough to withstand a battering from an excited cat.

By having these toys in playtime, you can keep your cats busy for a long time, letting them express their hunting and chasing instincts. The addition of catnip and silvervine makes these rats very enticing for cats.

plush interactive cat toys with catnip and silvervine

MeoHui Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Interactive Cat Toy 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toy and 9PCS Cat Feather Toys Refills, Funny Kitten Toys Cat Fishing Pole Toy for Bored Indoor Cats Chase and Exercise

This is one of the best interactive cat toys for bonding with your pet. It has multiple features that make it popular among cat owners who want to forge a strong bond with their pets. It has a wand that is retractable with a long string. When fully extended, it can be up to 60 inches in length which is enough for good teasing for your cat. You can hold and move this wand around even while watching TV.

This toy is delivered with 9 cat feathers with bright colors that’d be loved by your cat. An additional wand and two additional strings are provided that are strong and durable. You can change feathers at the end of the string according to your cat’s preference.

interactive cat toy wand like a fishing poll

Cat Toys, 2 Pieces USB Rechargeable Cat Light, Interactive Kitten Toy for Indoor Cat, Red Light Cat Flashlight Cat Wand Light, Pet Chase Toy for Fun Playing Training Exercise Indoors

USB rechargeable cat light is a multipurpose toy that will keep your cat on its paws for a long time. Cats love chasing laser light and this inclination of cats has been used in this toy. It comes with different shapes of light and all you need to do is shift through gears slowly. You can choose one of the shapes from butterflies, smiles, stars, etc. as per your cat’s liking.

It is USB rechargeable and you don’t need to spend on batteries again and again. This laser toy can be used during presentations for pointing, such an amazing multipurpose tool to have! Right?

rechargeable cat light interactive toy

LARGDK Interactive Cat Toys Whack A Mole Cat Toy Wooden Solid Catch Mouse Game Box for Indoor Cats Kitten Pet Play Fun Excercise (Small)

Cats and their love for whack-a-mole toys is a love story everyone knows about. Cats love hunting and any toy that lets them express their natural instincts is likely their favorite. This interactive cat toy by LARGDK is a solid wooden whack-a-mole toy that is an amazing gift for indoor cats. You push the lever from one side and a mouse sneaks out of one of the holes, surprising your cat.

This fun exercise goes on for hours as you sit and watch your cat. You can add some catnip to make it entice your cat.

whack a mole cat toy for small cats


Interactive toys are a great way to forge a strong bond of love and trust with your cat. But not all cat toys are good enough for that. You should get only the best interactive cat toys for bonding with your pet that offer adequate interaction. Once you have formed a close bond with your cat, you’d be able to understand its needs better and get the best out of pet parenthood.

The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Bonding With Your Pet

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