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Creative Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained at Home


creative ways to keep your cat entertained at home

Cat owners love to play with cats and enjoy spending time with them. Sometimes, other responsibilities force us to leave our kitty friends home alone, even though we don’t want to. In this case, you should know creative ways to keep your cat entertained at home. 

Although cats are independent and intelligent animals, providing the right type of stimulation is important. Otherwise, they get bored quickly and show tantrums that can lead to behavioral problems.

9 Creative Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained at Home

Here are some ways that can encourage your cat to use its intellect and keep itself entertained. 

Bubble Play

Cats are naturally good at stalking and hunting. Although toys can keep them entertained for hours, cats quickly get bored because toys are easy to catch. As a result, cats lose their hunting drive quickly. However, bubbles are more exciting and unpredictable, keeping cats active and engaged.

Playing with bubbles also fulfills cats’ chasing instincts. Before bubble play, make sure bubbles are non-toxic. If not, you can easily make non-toxic bubbles using any dish detergent.

Cat TV Shows

Much like humans, cats also love to watch exciting TV shows and videos. You can play videos that are specifically created for cats, featuring rodents, fish, birds, and other moving items. These videos stimulate their prey drive, prevent boredom, and encourage physical activity.

All cats are unique, and some may be more responsive to animal videos than nature videos. As a responsible owner, you should know which videos fascinate your fur baby. Short sessions of TV videos are one of the best creative ways to keep your cat entertained at home.

Frozen Treats

For warmer weather, frozen treats are the best way to keep your cat relaxed and engaged. Unlike humans, cats need extra help to beat the heat as they cannot cool themselves easily. These treats also offer physical and mental stimulation along with a cooling effect.

Supervise your cats while they enjoy their treats, as they might swallow them whole in their eagerness to get treats. This can lead to a choking hazard.

Game: Which Hand Has the Food?

You can pique your cats’ curiosity and attention by playing the game “Which hand has the food?” If you have played this game with your friends, it is recommended to use a treat instead of a coin when playing with your fur baby. Show both your hands to the cat and place a treat in one of them.

After that, put your hands behind your back and either transfer the treat to the other hand or leave it where it is. Now, allow your feline companion to guess which hand has the food. It is a really easy game to keep your cat entertained. It also helps strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend. 

Homemade Tunnels and Maze

Cats love playing with maze toys because they provide hours of pleasure and also fulfill their need for physical activity. By gathering cardboard, you can create mazes and tunnels for your cats to keep them active and excited.

Ensure that the size of the tunnel and maze is big enough to allow the cat to move inside it. You can make it more comfortable and cozier by placing cushions inside so that they can hide and nap whenever they want. 

a cat playing with lights

Rotate Toys

Cats love to play with toys, but they may get bored easily. To avoid boredom and to keep them engaged, it is important to rotate toys. As a responsible cat owner, you must have a variety of toys for cats, as they can stimulate their senses in different ways. Here are some of the best toys for bored cats.

Ensure that toys are interactive and encourage cats to use their instincts. Providing toys is not enough; if possible, you should also play with them. Sometimes, five to ten minutes are enough if they are actively participating. All cats are unique, and it might be possible that some cats do not respond or take more time than usual to show interest in a play session.

Mirror Play

A mirror can be used to entertain cats, as some cats love to stare at themselves and respond when they see any reflection or movement in the mirror. Make sure the mirror is unbreakable and has no sharp edges. With the help of a mirror, you can spark their curiosity.

However, some cats do not find it entertaining because they can’t detect the scent of any other cat. In this case, you can encourage your fur baby to interact by placing treats and toys near the mirror. If the cat doesn’t show interest even after that, remove the mirror.

Fish Tank

Having a cat and fish in the same place is not a good idea, but a fish tank can be a great source of entertainment for your feline friend. A fish tank provides stimulation and triggers the curiosity and predatory instincts of cats. To avoid any harm, make sure it is out of reach and properly closed. Cats can enjoy it for hours as the movement of active fish catches the attention of cats.

Spend Quality Time With Cats

Despite all the creative ideas and interactive toys, cats need your attention as well. Make sure you play with your cat at least ten minutes a day. During that time, you can talk to them, massage them, and cuddle. These are great ways to keep your kitty entertained and happy.

It is possible that your cat doesn’t like being massaged, as many cats don’t. Brushing is also a good idea to spend quality time with them and is also helpful in getting rid of hair and preventing mats


Providing novelty in cats’ routines is important to keep them entertained. Cats are picky and unique animals. To know what your cat likes the most, you need to try different things to observe their preferences. With a little effort, it is possible to keep your cat mentally and physically active. We hope the abovementioned creative ways to keep your cat entertained at home will be helpful for you.

creative ways to keep your cat entertained at home

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