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How To Make Cat Toys Out Of Household Items?


how to make cat toys out of household items

Cats are amazing pets. Cat ownership brings a lot of joy, but this joy comes with some responsibilities. One of the responsibilities of cat ownership is to provide them with entertainment and toys. If you are a cat owner, you should know how to make cat toys out of household items. Toys play a vital role in keeping cats healthy.

In this article, we will share some ways you can make cat toys out of household items. Apart from that, we’ll also be sharing some benefits of making toys from household items.

Benefits of making toys from household items

Making cat toys from household items has various benefits. These range from being cheaper and environment-friendly to serving as personal tokens of love. Let’s take a detailed look at these points.

Save Money

Cat toys made from household items save you a lot of money. Yes, a lot of money in the long run because the toys available commercially are expensive and have to be replaced when cats get bored of them. In this inflation, not every owner can afford to buy cat toys. It is therefore necessary to learn how to make cat toys out of household items so your cat doesn’t feel bored.

personal token of love

Cats are smart pets. They notice and appreciate every effort we make for them. Toys made out of household items are surely going to be your cat’s favorite because these toys are going to be according to your cat’s liking and preference. The toys you’d make would give you satisfaction and joy because they’d serve as tokens of your love for your kitty.

Environment Friendly

Most of the household items are eventually going to end up in trash cans. They will contribute to landfills and other types of pollution. The best way to protect our environment from various types of pollution is by recycling materials. So while making cat toys from household items, you not only save money but also prevent waste from accumulating in the environment.

a cat sitting with toys made out of household items

How to make cat toys out of household items?

Now we have reached the most important part of the article and we’ll teach you how to make cat toys out of household items. Below are 3 ways to do so

Making toys from Toilet Paper Roll

Simple and affordable cat toys can be easily made from toilet paper rolls. They can be loaded with catnip, treats, or chow or you can leave them empty. Toilet paper rolls are one of the favorite objects for cats to chase after and bat at. They also enjoy biting on them.

Interactive Puzzle

By making a hole in one end of a toilet paper roll and stuffing it with sweets, you can turn it into a fun treat dispenser. Your cat’s ability to solve problems will be put to the test by this creative toy, which also stimulates the mind.

Rattle Toy

Using a toilet paper roll, make a rattle by poking holes in it and stuffing it with bells or beads. The rattling sound of the roll will delight your cat as it swats at it.


You can make puffballs by filling a toilet paper roll with cotton or tissue paper balls. Next, fill the center with catnip or biscuits. The puffball will be fun for your cat to bat at as it tries to extract the treats.

Feline Tunnel

By slicing two or three toilet paper rolls in half lengthwise and taping the pieces together, you may unleash your cat’s sense of adventure. This clever design creates a fun tunnel that your cat can explore and enjoy chasing toys through.

Making String Toys

A quick and simple method for creating cat toys is with strings. Any kind of ribbon, yarn, or string will do. Simply make a loop out of the string by tying a few knots, and then tie a toy at the end. Consider the following suggestions for string toys:

Feather toy

Attach a feather on the string’s end. Your cat will take pleasure in batting and attempting to catch the feather.

Puzzle Toy

Attach some toys at the end of a string/ thick thread. Your cat’s brain will be stimulated as they spend time figuring out how to remove the toys from the string.

Ball Toy

Attach a ball at the end of a string. Swatting at the ball and trying to catch it will provide physical activity to your cat.

Wand Toy

It is a very simple but effective method for entertaining your cat. You’ll need some creativity, a toy, and a long piece of string to create a wand toy.

Making Crinckle Toys

The senses of your cat can be stimulated with crinkle toys. Cats enjoy playing with crinkle toys because they enjoy the sound and feel of crinkling paper.

Consider the following ideas for crinkle toys:

Crinkly Ball

Stuff crinkly paper into a ball. Your cat will enjoy attempting to wriggle the paper out of the ball and clawing at it.

Crinkly Tunnel

Cut a hole in a cardboard box, and then stuff it with crinkly paper to create a tunnel. Your cat will enjoy chasing paper and playing through the tunnel.

Crinkly Puzzle

Fill a crinkly bag or box with some snacks or toys. Any treats or toys will need to be found by your cat. Such toys are very good at providing mental stimulation.


Toys play an important role in keeping cats healthy. They enrich the playtime and help you strengthen your bond with your kitty. In this inflation, it is difficult to buy toys especially if they need replacing frequently. This is why cat owners should know how to make cat toys out of household items. This article teaches you how to convert common household items into cat toys.

how to make cat toys out of household items

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