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How to Make Your Own Cat Toys Using Recycled Materials?


Toys play an important role in keeping your kitty happy and healthy. They have countless benefits for the physical and mental health of your pets. If you are a cat owner, you should know how to make your own cat toys using recycled materials because buying toys, again and again, isn’t affordable in this inflation. Apart from saving money, toys made from recycled materials have some additional benefits as well. We’ll talk about those benefits and also teach you how to make toys from recycled materials in this article.

Importance of making toys from recycled materials

Following are some of the benefits of making cat toys from recycled materials.

Cost Effectiveness

The biggest benefit of making your own cat toys from recycled materials is that they are very cost-effective. It is understandable that most cat owners can’t afford to buy toys again and again because they’re expensive and not so durable. That’s when homemade cat toys from recycled materials come to the rescue. Initially, it may not seem much but they surely will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Personal Token of Love

Pets are smart, they notice and appreciate everything their parents do for them. They value your company a lot, they love it when you provide toys that you made and take time out for playtime. Homemade cat toys made from recycled materials will serve as a personal token of love for your cat.

There’s no denying that your cat would welcome every toy that you’d get for it but when it comes to acceptance of homemade toys, there’s no competition.

Eco-friendly Toys

Apart from saving money, you also follow an eco-friendly approach when making toys from recycled materials. Using waste materials for making cat toys helps reduce pollution and strain on landfills. This may seem too little but every step counts.

cats playing with toys made from recycled materials

How to Make Your Own Cat Toys Using Recycled Materials? 4 Best Toys

 Now that we know the importance of making cat toys from recycled materials, let’s learn how to make your own cat toys using recycled materials. These are simple, easy-to-follow steps. All you need is focus, waste materials, and some creativity.

Cat Kicker Toy with Catnip

This is the simplest cat toy that you can make using an old sock and some stuffing material. We all have some abandoned socks because we lost their counterpart. Well, now you can put that useless isolated sock to some use.

Fill the sock with any stuffing material available and tie its open end so the stuffing material doesn’t come out. Your cat kicker toy is ready now. It is durable enough to endure the kicking, biting and battering of your cat. It will fulfill its physical activity needs. 

To make it enticing you can add some catnip in the sock.  

Toilet paper roll Puzzle with treats

Toilet paper rolls, when finished, surely belong in the bin. But, if you are a cat owner and want to make some cool toys from recycled materials, don’t throw your finished toilet paper rolls away.  You can make an attractive puzzle toy using empty rolls.

Cut some small holes along the length of the roll in 2-3 lines. These holes should be large enough to dispense treats when the roll is rolled. Put some of the favorite treats for your cat in the roll and close both ends. Whenever your cat will play and roll this toy around, it’ll be rewarded with its favorite treats. This will provide mental stimulation and promote physical activity.

Cardboard Hideout

Cats were once wild animals and they used to live in the wild. They used to hunt their prey by hiding and attacking suddenly. Although they have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still love to hide and play. We can make use of their instincts to craft a cardboard hideout that they’ll love.

All you need to do is to get a sturdy cardboard box and cut some holes into it according to your cat’s size. You can add some catnip and a small amount of treats to entice your cat to the hideout. It will serve as safe haven for your cat during times of stress.

Crinkling Bottle Toy

Add some small paper balls to an empty water bottle and close its lid. You can add small pebbles or other materials that’d produce a crinkling sound when the bottle is moved. The sound from the bottle will keep your cat entertained and occupied for hours.

It is lightweight and easy to move around. Your cat is going to love this crinkling bottle toy.


Toys provide mental stimulation and promote physical activity in pets. They are essential for the physical and mental well-being of your cat. But toys can be expensive and not all cat owners can afford them. This is why it is essential for you to learn how to make your own cat toys using recycled materials.

Toys from recycled materials not only save you money but also are eco-friendly. They are the best way to enrich your cat’s environment without breaking the bank. Try these toys and have fun with your cat.  

cat playing with homemade toys made from recycled materials. You should know how to make your own cat toys from recycled materials

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