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The Top 5 Homemade Catnip Toys Your Cat Will Go Crazy For


a cat playing with one of the top 5 homemade catnip toys your cat will go crazy for

Catnip has the superpower of converting ordinary toys into your cat’s favorite. It is enticing to cats because it has a positive effect on your cat’s mood and overall behavior. Catnip is the most popular psychoactive compound among cat lovers. That is why we are going to teach you how to make the top 5 homemade catnip toys your cat will go crazy for!

Before we put your creative skills to the test, let’s talk about catnip and know why is it so popular among cats and cat parents.

Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

Catnip contains Nepetalactone as the active ingredient. It has the ability to bond with certain receptors in the cat’s nasal cavity. When attached, catnip triggers a pleasant response in the cat’s brain. This may manifest as excitement and playful behavior.

It is important to know that not all cats show a similar response. After smelling catnip, some cats show increased activity, rolling, rubbing, and purring. On the other hand, some cats become more relaxed and calm under the influence of catnip. In the majority of cats, catnip leads to mental and physical stimulation.

Another reason for cats being attracted to catnip is because it mimics some feline pheromones. When cats smell catnip, they are more likely to express their natural behaviors of marking territory and exploring their environment. Moreover, catnip toys let cats express their natural instincts and keep them entertained.

cat playing with a homemade toy

The Top 5 homemade catnip toys your cat will go crazy for

Now that you know why cats like catnip, let’s experience the world of homemade catnip toys. Making your own catnip toys gives you the opportunity to tailor the design to your cat’s preferences while also building a fulfilling and enjoyable relationship between the two of you.

Before you start, make sure you use high-quality catnip. Cats may not be interested in cheaper catnip since it is not as potent. When making toys for your cat, ensure your cat’s safety. Do not use any materials that may pose a choking hazard, such as beads and buttons. Make sure the toys are easy to clean to prevent germs or dirt from spreading.

 Here are the top 5 homemade catnip toys your cat will go crazy for

Catnip Mice

Cats love chasing and hunting mice. Cut a mouse shape from felt fabric and use that to assemble a catnip mouse. Use a basic pattern or draw it by hand. Use a needle and thread to sew the part of the mouse together after the fabric has been cut out. To fill it with dry catnip, leave a little gap at the bottom of the container. Sew up the opening once the mouse has been filled.

The fresh scent of catnip will captivate your cat, and the felt’s plush texture will make it the ideal toy for battering and swatting i.e. things cats love to do.

Catnip-filled sock toys

 It’s simple to create and your cat is going to love this traditional homemade catnip toy. A sock, some catnip, and some sewing supplies (or a rubber band) are all you need. Your cat will get a new toy to enjoy if you simply stuff the sock with catnip and tie it closed. Even a small bell can be added to the toy to make it more entertaining.

You can fill paper in the sock to make it give a cracking sound when swatted at.

Catnip-filled cardboard boxes

Cats like exploring and playing in boxes. So why not give your cat a toy by filling a box with catnip? Any cardboard box will work, but a shoebox or tissue box, or tissue roll is a decent size. On the inside of the cardboard roll, sprinkle some dried catnip, and then seal it by folding the ends.

These handcrafted toys are popular among cats who enjoy batting, going after, and chewing on them. The play sessions will be made even more exciting by the crinkly sound of the cardboard.

Catnip Pom-Pom Wands

Your cat will spend hours playing with this interactive toy. You’ll need yarn, a thin piece of wood or stick, and little catnip to make a catnip pom-pom wand. By winding yarn around your fingers, cutting the loops, and tying it off in the center, you can make a tiny pom-pom. Before attaching the pom-pom to the end of the wooden stick, fill it with catnip.

Watch your cat go into a frenzy of excitement as they try to get the elusive pom-pom as you swirl and dangle the wand in front of them.

Catnip-filled Scratching Posts

Scratching posts with catnip inside are great for cats who enjoy scratching. A scratching post can be created at home or bought at a pet store. The only materials you need to construct your own cat scratching post are catnip, wood, and sisal rope. Sisal rope should be inserted through holes that have been made in the wood. The post is all set for use once it has been covered in catnip. Your cat will love to scratch and knead on this post.

So put on your creative thinking cap, roll up your sleeves, and get to work making some purr-fect catnip toys that your cat will treasure!


Catnip is the most popular psychoactive compound among cat owners because of the amazing effects it imparts on cat mood. Catnip toys can help provide mental stimulation and enrich playtime. In this article, we have shared the top 5 homemade catnip toys your cat will go crazy for. We hope these toys will help you strengthen your bond and you’ll have a good time with your cat during playtime.

a cat playing with one of the top 5 homemade catnip toys your cat will go crazy for

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