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The Best Cat Chew Toys For Dental Health


Cats are amazing pets. They offer a lot of joy and companionship. But this joy comes at a price. As a pet owner, you are responsible for the health and happiness of your cat. Among the health issues that affect cats, dental problems are one of the most common ones. To take good care of your cat’s teeth, you should get the best cat chew toys for dental health.

Benefits of cat chew toys for dental health

Incorporating the best chew toys in your cat’s playtime and routine can help promote their dental health and overall well-being. The benefits of the best cat chew toys for dental health are wide-ranging; from prevention of periodontal diseases to mental stimulation.

Below are some of the most prominent benefits of cat chew toys.

Healthy teeth and gums

Cats can develop plaque and tartar if their teeth are not cleaned regularly. Ideally, their teeth should be brushed regularly but in this busy life, it’s hard to take time out regularly for this cleaning. This is where chew toys have you covered. Chew toys promote healthy teeth and gums by removing plaque and preventing tartar buildup.

Preventing tooth loss

Dental chew toys for cats offer much-needed exercise for your cat’s teeth. This helps maintain the strength of your cat’s teeth and prevents them from becoming loose and falling out.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Chewing activity brings calmness and peace to cats. They feel less stressed and anxious. This consequently promotes mental well-being and prevents any mental health problems. Mental health is as important as physical health in cats.

Mental Stimulation

Playing with chew toys brings mental stimulation to cats. They are physically and mentally tired and thus they act calm. These cats are then less likely to engage in any destructive behavior like chewing on furniture, shoes, etc.  

How to choose the best cat chew toys for dental health?

A vast variety of toys is available commercially with different features. Popular toy types include chew toys, catnip toys, and interactive cat toys. Alternatively, you can make homemade cat toys.

Cat chew toys are very beneficial for dental health and the overall mental well-being of a cat. But, if you fail to choose the right toys for your cat, they can do more harm than good. Below are some factors that you should keep in mind when choosing the best cat chew toys for dental health.

Material of toy

Chew toys should be made of a non-toxic material that has no harmful effects on the health of your cat. Moreover, the material should not be easily breakable or you’ll have to buy toys again and again. Rubber and nylon are two of the most common materials used for making chew toys.

Safety of cat

When looking for chew toys for your cat, safety should be the first thing you should look for. Apart from the material being non-toxic, it is important that you get toys that pose no choking hazard. Toys should be durable to endure bites, they shouldn’t break as the broken pieces can be swallowed by cats, leading to choking and other complications.

Size and Shape of Toy

If you don’t consider the size and shape requirements of your cat regarding chew toys, you are wasting your money. It is commonly observed that cats don’t show any interest in toys. It happens because toys are either too big for them to bite on or they are small enough to be swallowed, posing a choking hazard.

So, when buying a chew toy, consider the size and mouth shape of your cat to make the best decision.

The Best Cat chew toys for dental health

Below are some of the best cat chew toys that you can gift to your cat to promote dental health and mental stimulation.

Pet Craft Supply Cactus Interactive Cat Toy Chew Toy Teeth Cleaning Bite Resistant 100% Natural Rubber with Bonus Catnip and Silvervine Bags for Kittens and Adult Cat

The Cactus interactive cat toy is safe, durable, and bite resistant. It is made up of 100% natural rubber that promotes oral hygiene and prevents periodontal diseases. It has a bright color that attracts cats and promotes their playful mood. It comes with an amazing feature that you can use optionally i.e. adding a catnip bag inside. The addition of catnip makes the toy very enticing for cats.

It is easy to clean and can even be washed in a dishwasher. Its easy-to-clean feature makes it safe for cats of all ages and promotes hygiene.

cactus interactive cat toy chew teeth cleaning bite resistant natural rubber

Cat Toothbrush Catnip Toy,Interactive Rubber Dental Care for Pet Kitten Kitty,Crayfish-Shaped Safe Chewing Toy Tooth Cleaning Durable Cat Toy(2 Pack)

The cat toothbrush catnip toy has a crayfish shape that is attractive to cats. Moreover, it has bright blue and green colors that attract cats, making playtime more fun and engaging. It is made up of 100% natural rubber that is non-toxic and highly durable. It has small holes on the sides that release the smell of the catnip or treats inside. This keeps the cat motivated and occupied for hours. Moreover, these holes help cleanse the teeth of cats, promoting hygiene and dental health.

It is easy to wash. You can simply wash it in a washing machine. Ideally, you should wash this toy before and after every playtime.

crayfish shaped cat toothbrush catnip toy

WONOWPA Catnip Toy, 3PCS Cat Chew Toys, Bite Resistant Catnip Toys with Bell Inside, Plush Cartoon Kitten Teething Interactive Toy

WONOWPA catnip toy has three amazing features that make it very cat friendly. First of all, it has catnip which has a positive neurobiological effect on cats due to its pheromones. Secondly, it has a bell inside that keeps the cat wondering where the sound is coming from. Cats spend hours playing with it in curiosity. Third and most importantly, it comes in the shape of a fish and we all know cats love this shape!

This catnip toy has a perfect size for cats of all ages. It is strong enough to be broken easily and large enough to be swallowed by a cat. It is made up of plush so washing and cleaning it requires a bit of care when compared to rubber toys.

bite resistant catnip toys with bell inside


Chew toys are perfect gifts for cats. They promote not only dental hygiene but also provide mental stimulation. These toys make playtime with your cats better and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. When choosing chew toys for your cat, make sure the material is non-toxic, durable, and safe for your cat. Get toys according to the size and shape compatibility of your cat. Looking for options? You can buy one of the best cat chew toys for dental health we have mentioned above.

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